The MVT Spares

MVT groupís store has a responsible inventory management system to full fill the immediate requirement of customers for avoiding break down outage. And the quality & technical specification were responsibly maintained by our engineers. The below mentioned spares are provided by us for our own brand & also for the other make of cooling towers.

Electric Motor ( IP 55 protection with F class insulation) (Ready stock)

Flange mounted Foot mounted


Axial Fan Set

Casted aluminum alloy fan set. (Ready stock) FRP power saver fan set. (On request)


Drift Eliminator (On request)

Rigid PVC drift eliminator as per customized design would also be provided



Cast aluminum sprinkler. (Ready stock) Stainless steel sprinkler. (On request) PVC Sprinkler. (On request)


Propeller Shaft. (On request)

G.I propeller shaft with C.I hub as per customized design would be provided.


Distribution Header

FRP Coated G.I distribution header (For heavy duty) (On request) PVC distribution header. (Ready stock)



PVC Nozzles (Ready stock) Metallic nozzles (On request) Swirl nozzles (Only for natural draft CT) (On request)


Fills (On request)
Rigid PVC fills of all flute size & dimensions suitable for all makes is available on request.
Pine Wood (On request)
Chemically treated pine wood is available of all sizes


Fan Cylinder (On request) FRP Tower Casing (On request)



G.I Tower structure parts (On request) G.I Fasteners (Ready stock) S.S Fasteners (On request) Float valve (Ready stock)

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