Cooloing Towers


The MVT approach

Above all the cooling systems available for HVAC process most affordable, convenient & easily maintainable equipment is cooling tower and reflecting the same approach our engineers have designed to serve our customer with the desirable simplicity & affordable quality product & services for the following range of cooling towers:



Wooden Cooling Towers

These towers are available on both vertically discharge cross- flow & vertically discharge counter flow principles depending upon the customers requirement & selection.



FRP Induced Draft Cooling Tower

MVT’s FRP Induced draft counter flow cooling towers are very much suitable where space is limited. In addition to taking up less site space, counter flow cooling tower may have a lower installed weight.

Natural Draft Cooling Tower

The most attractive aspect about MVT’s natural draft cooling towers is their lowest operating cost & negligible maintenance as they works on water swirl jet principle which doesn’t requires fan & fills for heat transfer.Our specially designed...


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