FRP Induced Draft Cooling Tower

MVT’s FRP Induced draft counter flow cooling towers are very much suitable where space is limited. In addition to taking up less site space, counter flow cooling tower may have a lower installed weight.

Cleaning of these towers are also very easy as they have easy access from all the sides & due to limited area for sun rays entering the water basin, potential for algae growth also reduces.

Piping cost also reduces in these kind of cooling towers as a single inlet header is usually sufficient with respect to the design parameters & hence also lowers the manufacturing & maintenance cost.

Customers always want quality product at reasonable price keeping this in mind we deliver quality product at reasonable price. Our FRP Cooling Towers are known for superior design and technology. The cooling towers are designed to meet the high standard of performance demanded by engineers. These FRP cooling towers, FRP induced draft cooling tower are compact, heavy duty and efficient cooling function and have an aesthetic design. Owing to its compactness, these towers are extensively used in many process industries and in HVAC applications. FRP Cooling towers are available in single cell as well as multi cell configuration as per the requirement & space availability for installation.

• Light in weight
• Modular design
• Requires less Make-Up
• Leak Proof basin
• Easy to Install
• Durable in nature
• Prompt after Sales Services
• Corrosion Resistant
• Non-deteriorating
• Easily Maintainable
• Scientific Design
• Power Saving
• Possible roof top Installation
• Efficient
• Interchangeable Spares

• It has rust proof tough FRP bottle type design, which can withstand high wind velocity and vibrations. This model does not require any painting and is compact in design with long life.
• Comes with a honeycomb designed rigid PVC fills, which has extended surface area. It assists in splitting air and water, which in turn enhances the contact surface area which results in heat transfer rate through evaporation. Our PVC module are vacuum formed and comes with double edges, to provide highly efficient and robust packing. These modules are the heart of cooling tower.
• The fan of the module is aerodynamically designed & has adjustable blade type axial. The flow fan is highly efficient & ensures large air flow at low static pressure with low noise levels.
• The prime mover used for operation is induction motor, which comes with IP55 weather proof electric motor that is suitable for humid outdoor conditions.
• A special rotary aluminum alloy-sprinkler with sealed ball bearings is specifically designed to take care of radial and thrust load, rotating & distributing water through PVC branch pipes. It uniformly sprays water on the PVC fills. SS-304 sprinklers are also available upon client request.

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